Moss Street


Use: Residential
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 6,553 SF
Category: Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture
Built in the early 1800s, this building was originally the Jockey Club for the Fair Grounds Race Track. The project encompassed full interior design services for most of the house, design for an auto covering, reconfiguration of the bathrooms, design and built of the custom furniture pieces and addition of solar panels. The client’s primary goal was to upgrade the building to serve a contemporary lifestyle while maintaining its historical significance. The cantilevered auto cover design emerged from zoning restrictions preventing construction within 10’ of the property line, forcing NANO to think creatively to maneuver around the codes to meet the client’s needs. LED tape lights run between steel angles creating a striking line of light that highlights the design’s contemporary construction. Custom furniture pieces include the entertainment unit in the living room and vanity in the master bath. The light fixtures in the living room were custom pieces made from the salvaged batten strips from the second floor of the home.



Use: Offices
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 10,000 SF
Category: Interior Design, Furniture
Located on the 34th floor of the Energy Centre, the tenant fit out for the offices of Greater New Orleans Inc. was one our favorite types of challenges.

How to make an independent business and its brand stand out and above, in the glass and steel homogeny of a city center high rise?

The primary objective in the design of the offices was to emphasize the non-profit’s role as the conduit for incoming businesses into Southeast Louisiana. The use of private/public space delineation provided the opportunity to use the public spaces as part of the border of the “Conduit Threshold,” which was incorporated throughout the space using various methods, including a custom-built feature wall and reception desk, local material selection and regional graphic design.

The office includes an 80 person board room outfitted with movable tables and chairs to maximize the space for various uses including board meetings, training sessions, and networking events. The Brainstorming conference room has vibrantly painted walls, a sofa and sitting ball to encourage thinking “outside the box.” The Prospect conference room is more formal with a neutral color scheme, white boards and a view of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The ten private offices on the outer perimeter of the space have floor to ceiling glass walls to allow natural light to filter through to the open work space in the center of the office suite.

At the 34th floor’s lobby is a custom feature wall that was designed and built by NANO, directing visitors to public meeting spaces. An abstraction of the geographical area that GNO Inc. serves, the sign is a mapping of the ten parishes/counties. Installed at the entry, it beckons, by a series of repeated manipulations to create an entry sequence, tying to the geometries of the reception desk, and directly linked to purpose and people of the organization.

With GNO Inc.’s move to the Energy Centre, and incorporation of the large, public board room, they created a “business axis” in which City Hall, the Superdome, Smoothie King Center, Warehouse Revitalization Area and GNO Inc. office are all located within three blocks of each other.

This creates an immediate adjacency for many major services that are required for any new business development.



Use: Restaurant
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 2,600 SF
Category: Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture

NANO provided architectural and design services for the Uptown New Orleans restaurant Dominique’s, known today as Apolline. During the restoration process, special care was taken to ensure the newly introduced contemporary elements properly fused with the restaurant’s original aesthetic, creating a more enhanced expression of a classic design. NANO recognized the importance of maintaining a sense of cohesiveness within the space while the separate bar, private dining, and public space incorporated a “thickened wall condition”. This created well-defined framed entrances to the bar and dining spaces while allowing continuity throughout the space. The custom hidden cabinetry surrounding the bar was designed and built by NANO to increase the amount of available storage without detracting from the unique interior. On the exterior, the original cypress shutters and hand-crafted architectural trim work were restored to their former glory.



Use: Retail
Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Size: 1,500 SF
Category: Interior Design & Furniture
This high end women’s clothing store was designed with a central focus on flexibility – the ability to change the retail floor six times a year was crucial. The design strategy was intended to mirror the merchandise on display. As a retailer of athletic wear, the client wanted the store to emulate an “active” lifestyle and be able to transform with each new season and the size of the designers’ collections. To achieve this, NANO employed a series of moveable metal screens to divide the retail area into discrete but permeable zones that can be separated or joined together as desired. The perforated metal screens support shelving and merchandise displays while still permitting visual access through the space. NANO also designed and hand-built the custom cash wrap.

Napoleon Avenue


Use: Residential
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 1,500 SF
Category: Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture
This project was driven by the client’s desire for a uniform aesthetic throughout the house and the inclusion of state of the art audio visual equipment. These directives, coupled with the client’s extensive collection of modern and contemporary art, led NANO to envision the space as a gallery wherein the furniture and AV equipment would be built into a “thickened wall” condition of cabinetry. The design of this cabinetry aims to de-emphasize the television and associated equipment, allowing the artwork to become the focal point. In addition to the built-in furnishings, NANO was commissioned to design custom chairs and tables for the residence.

Bayer/Monsanto Building


Use: Commercial
Location: Luling, LA
Size: 1,200 SF
Category: Architecture & Interior Design
Located within the Monsanto USA Industrial Complex, NANO was the architect for the renovation of the 1,200 SF project. The design and construction of the Executive Reception area, office bathrooms, and conference center was completed on accelerated time line to accommodate for a meeting with critical stakeholders and investors.

The addition of specialty systems included bullet-resistant glazing, a full-integrated sprinkler and a fire and security alarm system.

The entry sequence was reconfigured to better direct the flow of visitors, with the focal point being the reception desk that was custom designed and built by NANO out of Missouri Black Walnut and geometric metal panels from E. Kraemer Metalworks.