Rio Mar

Rio Mar

Use: Restaurant
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 1,200 SF
Category: Interior Design
Hired to renovate the interior, NANO was asked to re-organize the existing space to provide a connection between the entry area and the main dining area, improve circulation patterns, and incorporate materials to aid in sound absorption. Construction had to be done in phases during off hours, so the job was undertaken as a design-build project with One Construction. The color palette drew from Rio Mar’s signature colors and the use of rehabilitated materials from within the region. The lighting was designed to control eye movement and distract patrons from the low existing ceiling height by creating the illusion of a multi-height space.

710 Carondelet


Use: Office
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 160 SF
Category: Interior Design
The interior design of this private office for an attorney focused on soft, yet bold, colors to compliment the brick walls and solid wood desk. The client followed in her father’s footsteps in choosing a career as an attorney and the office pays homage to him by using his desk and hanging his diplomas on the wall. The design strives to evoke a strong, yet feminine feel, with personal touches and minimal clutter.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium


Use: Stadium
Location: Arlington, TX
Size: Suites 225 – 1,100 SF each Club Lounges 3,800 SF each
Category: Interior Design
While working with HKS after Hurricane Katrina, NANO LLC was on the team to design the club lounges and suites for the Dallas Cowboys Stadium – now known as AT&T Stadium. The suites were designed using a modern planar approach, articulating walls for optimum presentation and food service space. The club lounges’ design used the structural significance of the space with indirect cove lighting and high-end transparent finishes allowing the space to visually expand while the furniture created small vignettes and textiles to encapsulate the sound travel. The club lounges are approximately 3,800 SF each and the suites vary from 225-1,100 SF each.

Ancora Pizzeria


Use: Restaurant
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 1,500 SF
Category: Interior Design
Ancora Pizzeria was an interior design project where NANO created the color concept, furniture layout and furniture installation. The use of monochromatic colors created a focus on and enhanced the color of the wood-fired Italian Pizza oven, made especially for the restaurant. The color scheme also gave the appearance of a dynamic look for minimal cost.

Shine Spa


Use: Retail
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 800 SF
Category: Interior Design
Custom retail shelving was designed and fabricated for this day spa and retail space located in a historic building in the French Quarter. Flexible, moving storage systems were selected to occupy the main floor, providing ample display for products, while permitting the owner to reorganize the displays at will. Bright colors at countertops and shelving provide accents against the continuous white and wood of the space.



Use: Offices
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 10,000 SF
Category: Interior Design, Furniture
Located on the 34th floor of the Energy Centre, the tenant fit out for the offices of Greater New Orleans Inc. was one our favorite types of challenges.

How to make an independent business and its brand stand out and above, in the glass and steel homogeny of a city center high rise?

The primary objective in the design of the offices was to emphasize the non-profit’s role as the conduit for incoming businesses into Southeast Louisiana. The use of private/public space delineation provided the opportunity to use the public spaces as part of the border of the “Conduit Threshold,” which was incorporated throughout the space using various methods, including a custom-built feature wall and reception desk, local material selection and regional graphic design.

The office includes an 80 person board room outfitted with movable tables and chairs to maximize the space for various uses including board meetings, training sessions, and networking events. The Brainstorming conference room has vibrantly painted walls, a sofa and sitting ball to encourage thinking “outside the box.” The Prospect conference room is more formal with a neutral color scheme, white boards and a view of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The ten private offices on the outer perimeter of the space have floor to ceiling glass walls to allow natural light to filter through to the open work space in the center of the office suite.

At the 34th floor’s lobby is a custom feature wall that was designed and built by NANO, directing visitors to public meeting spaces. An abstraction of the geographical area that GNO Inc. serves, the sign is a mapping of the ten parishes/counties. Installed at the entry, it beckons, by a series of repeated manipulations to create an entry sequence, tying to the geometries of the reception desk, and directly linked to purpose and people of the organization.

With GNO Inc.’s move to the Energy Centre, and incorporation of the large, public board room, they created a “business axis” in which City Hall, the Superdome, Smoothie King Center, Warehouse Revitalization Area and GNO Inc. office are all located within three blocks of each other.

This creates an immediate adjacency for many major services that are required for any new business development.

Southwest Pass Station


2018 AIA Excellence in Sustainability Honorable Mention from USGBC

Use: Industrial & Commercial
Location: Southwest Pass, Mississippi River
Size: 19,485 SF
Category: Architecture

One of NANO’s more unique projects involved researching, selecting and detailing a new exterior cladding system and roof for the Associated Branch Pilots’ Southwest Pass Station and generator building that could withstand the harsh marine conditions and 180 mph wind loads, replace and enhance the insulation value, decrease air and vapor seepage all while maintaining weight and structural limitations.

Renovating unique structures has become commonplace for NANO, prompting the development creative solutions. Working with a fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) manufacturer, The A/E team selected a 3” pre-insulated system, incorporating custom detailing, sealing and shapes for a complete envelope system. Vertical baton strips assure weather proofing while adding articulation. Stainless steel connectors and flashings were utilized throughout. Roof panels were topped with a Fiberseal membrane. This is the first use of the Durashield system on a residential facility.

Two years after completion, it has withstood several tropical/hurricane events without incident, and achieved a 30% increase in efficiency.

Eagle Consulting


Use: Offices
Location: Harvey, LA
Size: 12,000 SF
Category: Architecture & Interior Design
Eagle Consulting, an oil and petroleum engineering company, wanted to renovate this existing warehouse and shop including a full renovation of the office spaces and the reception area. The reception area was outfitted with a custom metal and wood wall system providing a company identity for visiting clients. With offices located within the Southern Louisiana region, this office is their flagship office and main headquarters.

Fakier Jewelers


Use: Retail
Location: Houma, LA
Size: 5,000 SF
Category: Architecture
Fakier Jewelers is a small jewelry store in Houma that is relocating from its existing store, and constructing a new building to consolidate their wares and create a powerful new image for the company. The clients were very interested in the traditional architecture of New Orleans and wanted their new building to embody the beauty and poise of a shotgun on Magazine Street while housing a contemporary space for their showroom within.

700 Baronne


Use: Apartments & Commercial
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 12,600 SF
Category: Architecture
700 Baronne Street was originally constructed in the early 1900s as home to the New Orleans Paint Company and the Valspar Paint Company. The structure is a four story load bearing masonry building with a primary structure of heavy timber, a 4 inch thick slab, and tongue and groove flooring. Most notably, the 3rd floor incorporates an inverted metal truss support system that would be required to be kept in the project as per the direction of the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO).

For its intended use, the owner wished to create apartments on the upper floors and a commercial space on the ground floor, which would include an historic mezzanine level. Two major hurdles had to be overcome. First, the owner was adamant about a roof top addition. Second, due to the long narrow nature of the site, a second means of egress, as typically required per code, would make the project financially infeasible.

Working with the HDLC and SHPO offices, NANO developed a penthouse scheme, inclusive of computer 3D renderings and contractor provided mock ups to assure that the penthouse would not negatively impact the historic relevance of the building. NANO further developed an enhanced life safety strategy and worked with the New Orleans Board of Building Safety and Appeals (BBSA) to meet the needs of the owner while maintaining a safe facility.