The Process of Submerged Experience, 2021 Venice Biennale Exhibit

Through our analytical processes of design, NANO’s intention was to transform the provided space by creating a heterogeneous experience that heightens the patron’s perception; empha­sizing the liminal moment between spaces, the relationship of change through time resulting in the experience of existence.

Within the context of site, both micro and macro, the analysis of place will reveal relationships typically unseen creating an experience not experienced.

NANO’s installation challenged patrons to pause and deliberate on how the confluence of space is experienced. 

What happens when we cross over a threshold?

What makes some spaces more comfortable than others?

How does space evoke an atmosphere or feeling?
How does materiality transform space?

Can architecture affect our perception of time?

How can space be sustainable through time?

These questions guided us as we continued to develop and refine our design, which, like all our work, explored answers at every scale – from the detail of a single joint, through the granular lens of New Orleans, to the connection with all of Venice.


SUBMERGED EXPERIENCE is broken down into three primary components:

  1. A ceiling condition which overlays the topographies of New Orleans and Venice, and represents the relationship in 3-D space
  2. A prescribed sequence spatializing the transitional characteristics of space and existence
  3. A visual experience displaying the evolution of culture and tradition of the Mardi Gras Indians

In creating the path through our exhibit, we first began by outlining the physical parameters of our exhibit space. We filmed + mapped out each of our team member’s instinctive, non-directed path through the empty space. Our mappings illustrated various paths and speeds but revealed common moments of interest, which assisted us in informing a portion of the physical construction + guided our approach to the visitor’s experience.