Use: Municipal/Commercial
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 18,500 SF
Category: Architecture & Interior Design
Shuttered since 2011 due to Hurricane Katrina related damage and environmental issues, the 18,500 SF Municipal Training Academy building will transform into the NOFD headquarters; housing medical and administrative services, 24-hour operations, and a training/assembly area. After extensive remediation and hazard mitigation, the building will be upgraded to Type II-B, including Risk Category IV compliant strengthening, as the NOFD will utilize the facility during a hurricane as shelter for NOFD personnel.
The renovated space will include offices, training spaces and conference rooms, locker rooms and showers, dormitories, kitchen and dining facilities, and storage areas for files and personal protection equipment. The significance of this project, besides renovating the entire structure, is that we are also adding a 1,500 sq foot 2nd flood addition and filling in the area between two of the existing building on site.