Use: Restaurant
Location: New Orleans, LA
Size: 2,600 SF
Category: Architecture, Interior Design & Furniture

NANO provided architectural and design services for the Uptown New Orleans restaurant Dominique’s, known today as Apolline. During the restoration process, special care was taken to ensure the newly introduced contemporary elements properly fused with the restaurant’s original aesthetic, creating a more enhanced expression of a classic design. NANO recognized the importance of maintaining a sense of cohesiveness within the space while the separate bar, private dining, and public space incorporated a “thickened wall condition”. This created well-defined framed entrances to the bar and dining spaces while allowing continuity throughout the space. The custom hidden cabinetry surrounding the bar was designed and built by NANO to increase the amount of available storage without detracting from the unique interior. On the exterior, the original cypress shutters and hand-crafted architectural trim work were restored to their former glory.