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How can New Orleans public spaces become storm-ready hubs?

This article was originally featured on the cover of the July 4th issue of The Times Picayune / The New Orleans Advocate. Article by Mike Smith; photo by Chris Granger.

In their recent article in The Times Picayune, Terri and Ian Dreyer talk climate change, rising tide, New Orleans’ relationship to water, and the criteria required for a community to thrive and be flexible in the face of disaster.

Originally stemming from NANO’s award-winning exhibit at the 2021 ECC Time Space Existence/Venice Biennale and their presentation at the Venice “Shaping the City” Symposium, Terri and Ian discuss their proposed “arx”, or hubs, throughout the City of New Orleans. Both practical and multi-purpose, the arx would allow our community to not only adapt in a time of intensifying storms, but also to thrive.