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NANO Wins the 2021 ECC Venice Biennale Architecture Award

At the closing event of the fifth edition of the extensive biennial architecture exhibition Time Space Existence, the European Cultural Centre announced the ECC Awards for the categories of Architecture, Design Innovation, University Project, and Art Installation.

NANO was one of the 212 international firms and professionals that were invited to the Time Space Existence / Venice Biennale Exhibit, and, most notably, was the first and only architecture from the State of Louisiana to have ever been invited to partake in the world-renowned event.

NANO’s exhibit, SUBMERGED EXPERIENCE, received the highly prestigious 2021 ECC Venice Biennale Architecture Award. The exhibit highlights the immediate global action needed to cope with the climate crisis, focusing on two liminal cities such as Venice and New Orleans, two geographically distant areas which are linked by an exclusive relationship with water, that remain resilient by embracing their unique identity both on a cultural and topographic level.