Studio Updates
NANO Presents 'Guide to Thrive' in Puerto Rico, Dallas, & More

The NANO team has been traveling all over the country showcasing our resilience-focused research titled ‘Saving Cities, Saving Societies: A Guide to Thrive’ at numerous conferences and symposiums. Last month, Managing Partners Terri Dreyer and Design Studio Director Samantha Johnson presented at the South-Central Climate Resilience Forum in Dallas, Texas. The three-day event drew climate stakeholders from government agencies, higher education, and members of the AEC industry from Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Prior to this, 'Guide to Thrive' has been presented at events in Puerto Rico, New Orleans, Chicago, Venice, and more.

Our 'Guide to Thrive' underscores the significance of Resilience Centers for the future of New Orleans and other cities, especially those threatened by climate change. Our research began by way of a layered analysis process – our team identified factors that affect the landscape and function of each city we present in to identify strategic locations and programmatic elements for Resilience Centers. Rooted in our 'Program to Thrive,' we cultivate four pivotal components essential for fostering resilient architecture.