NANO Talks Restaurant Design on ‘The Food Show’

On Tuesday, August 25th, the partners of NANO – Terri and Ian Dreyer – were guests on “The Food Show” on 1350AM 3WL Radio.

Hosted by Mary Ann Fitzmorris, filling in for regular host Tom Fitzmorris, Terri and Ian discussed the design of restaurants around New Orleans and nationally. From lighting, to selecting chairs, to sound attenuation and the size of the kitchen, they talked about all the aspects that have to come together to create a space that encourages diners to eat, drink and enjoy themselves.

Terri and Ian talked about their design approach and processes and the many restaurant designs they have been part of.

A few of the spaces they talk about include: Il Mercato, Oak Oven, Apolline/Dominique’s, Rio Mar and Ancora.

You can listen to their interview by following these links:  [Segment 1] [Segment 2] [Segment 3